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Vergason Technology, Inc. SuperChrome® Update

The first SC660 SuperChrome® System, recently sold to a Tier 2 European automotive customer, has been installed and is fully operational. The SC660 system features a large coating zone, (660mm diameter by 1220mm tall) and is designed to integrate with VTI’s SuperChrome® PVD Coating, a new coating that offers all of the benefits of decorative chrome plating without the harmful hexavalent chromium (CR +6) compounds.  SuperChrome® has a rich chrome appearance and does not require a top coat.  It has met or exceeded the demands of the interior and exterior automotive standards in Europe, while significantly outperforming traditional chrome plating in the Russian Mud Test.

Dr. Michael Brazil at SVC Techon 2017

Dr. Michael Brazil to discuss Reactive Magnetron Sputtering at SVC TECHCON 2017

Michael Brazil, PhD, Senior Scientist at Vergason Technology, Inc. will be presenting a paper on “Reactive Magnetron Sputtered ZrCN Decorative Films for Plastic Substrates”.  Dr. Brazil will report experimental results of depositing ZrCN from a magnetron sputtering system without substrate bias, and staying within the thermal limits of a plastic substrate.  He will share his findings on the relationship between color and abrasion resistance, especially for dark reflection levels.

You can hear Dr. Brazil’s presentation on Monday, May 1, 2017 @ 3:20pm.

VTI Participates in Career Day

Vergason Technology, Inc. was one of 17 local businesses to participate in the 2017 Career Day, sponsored by the Career Development Council and Spencer-Van Etten Middle School.  The event was held on March 9 at the Spencer-Van Etten Middle School, in Spencer, NY.

Susan Mitchell, Key Account Manager, represented VTI and spoke to students about her career in the field of sales and marketing.  She shared her responsibilities, what a typical day would look like, her background and provided students with tips and suggestions for what they can start doing now.  She strongly encouraged students to get involved in activities in areas of special interest, and to learn more about careers that they may be interested in.

VTI Exhibits at PlastecWest

The Vergason Technology, Inc. team is excited to be traveling to various convention and trade shows this season to showcase our high-quality and innovative technologies. One stop we’ll be making is at North America’s largest annual design and manufacturing event, PlastecWest.

Built for the industry by the industry, PlastecWest can help connect you with 20,000 engineers and executives in the design and manufacturing industry who are all looking to learn more about advancing technologies. The content is delivered in numerous formats like presentations, panels, debates, and case studies. This event will be held from February 7th to 9th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

As a leading provider of vacuum metalizing and paint services, process development, and PVD metalizing equipment, Vergason Technology Inc. will be exhibiting our various products and technologies. Some of these products include EMI & RFI shielding coatings, medical coatings, SuperChrome™ PVD coating, vacuum metalizing & paint services, and NexSteel™ decorative coating.

Whether you’re interested in our specific products or are just part of the industry and interested in learning about advancing technologies, visit our exhibit at PlastecWest. Come to the expo, meet our team, and learn more about our fantastic PVD coatings and other services!

(Check out the below invitation for complimentary admission using our promo code!)

plastecwest admission pass

VTI Introduces the Newly Redesigned HC2500 PVD Coating System

Vergason Technology, Inc. is proud to introduce our newly redesigned HC2500 PVD coating system. This simple, fast & efficient technology will allow you to experience revolutionary performance in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coatiphysical vapor deposition coatingsngs.

VTI has reversed the conventional wisdom that “bigger is better”. Large volume PVD coating systems can be an advantage to large volume users such as coating centers and original equipment tooling manufacturers.  However, the vast majority of customers cannot take advantage of such large coating batches.  In fact, due to differences in part design, geometry, orientation, and thermal properties, large batches can present serious challenges to operating an efficient coating line. Our innovative combination of rapid cycles and small batch sizes has created a revolutionary solution for coating and optimization. This makes the HC2500 an affordable in-house alternative to outsourcing your PVD coatings. In an era of lean manufacturing, minimizing work-in-process and maximizing continuous flow are fundamental aspects to improved quality and cost efficiency. This is exactly what this new technology delivers!

Some of the benefits of the technology include:

  • Engineered Integrity – Your company, technicians, engineers, and customers can rely on the HC2500 for years of reliable service.
  • Minimized Down-Time – User-focused design provides easy access to all components, minimizing down time for routine maintenance.
  • Versatility – Flexibility to configure the system with any of the following PVD technologies offers unparalleled versatility to our customer: patented CatArc® cathodic arc, sputtering, or thermal evaporation.
  • Streamlined Efficiency – PVD coatings are the most “green” of the performance coating technologies. There are virtually no effluents or hazardous wastes created.

Superior engineering coupled with top quality support has earned Vergason Technology a reputation for creating the most durable high-performance coating systems on the market. For more on our products and services visit

Dr. Michael Brazil at the Smart Automotive Surfaces Conference

The ITB Group recently presented its second Smart Automotive Surfaces conference in Novi, Michigan featuring leading OEM engineers, innovative suppliers and other industry experts that all convened to address innovations, developments, trends and shaping interior and exterior components and systems. VTI was proud to have Michael Brazil, PhD, Senior Scientist at Vergason Technology, Inc., participate as a presenter on the topic of SuperChrome™ PVD Coating.

During his presentation, Dr. Brazil introduced Physical Vapor Deposition Technology in order to discuss the many advantages PVD Technology offers such as being environmentally friendly and resistant to corrosion. PVD also conforms to the REACH directive in production, disposal, and avoiding Cr3+, Cr6+ and Ni. Dr. Brazil furthermore discussed the versatility and durability of SuperChrome™ PVD Coating at the conference, bringing up its two-layer decorative coating design and its adherence with major test requirements for automotive interior and exterior parts.

Dr. Brazil concluded that PVD technology for process and equipment is making strong headway for safe replacement of some applications of electroplated chromium on plastic substrates. We’re excited that Dr. Brazil was able to help share our products and technology with those at the Smart Automotive Surfaces conference and will continue in our efforts to provide our customers with innovative technological solutions!