Coating Equipment – Vacuum Metalizing Systems & PVD Coating Machines

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VTI Systems

Vergason Technology is an industry leader known for supplying systems that incorporate innovative designs with quality components. Our systems have provided more than just coating and sputtering, but also metallizing and thermal evaporation.

PVD Coating Systems

Our patented sputtering and vacuum coating processes produce wear-resistant coatings for a variety of applications such as medical, injection molding, and metal cutting/forming. This patented CatArc® coating may be applied at low temperatures, as low as 350° F. This allows for temperature sensitive tool steels to receive coating without any concern for changes in dimension or hardness.

Choose from coatings such as CatArc® TiN, CatArc® CrN, CatArc® ZrN, CatArc® TiCN and CatArc® Black Cat™. Compared to uncoated tools, these ceramic coatings dramatically extend tool lifetime.

Vacuum Metalizing Systems

Our flexible Press-Side® Rapid Cycle design is ever-evolving and delivers maximum capacity and up-time. Since 1989, VTI has an installed base of approximately 200 systems globally, encompassing a variety of applications and a number of industries, from components for automobiles to flashlights.

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