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VTI Introduces Black Cat™ coating: the revolutionary defense for offensive weapons. Black Cat™ is a breakthrough high-temperature firearm coating that has been engineered for high velocity projectile delivery systems. Not only does it have a corrosion shield, but also a high-temperature stability which makes it the ultimate in gun coatings.

Black Cat™ coating is ITAR registered. This coating equipment exceeds 5% in a salt spray test, and conforms to the International Organization for Standardization corrosion requirements (ISO 9227:2006).

With a thermal stability rating of 1,700 degrees, Black Cat™ offers critical protection of high precision in specialty weapons and accessories. This is considered to be the toughest, rich-black high-temperature resistant, non-reflective firearm coating available! DLC, Teflon, ceramic and powder gun coatings can’t compare to Black Cat’s heat tolerance.

Black Cat™ coating equipment is one of the best permanently bonded PVD thin-film gun coatings, serving as a protective barrier from acids, oils, cleaners and strong industrial solvents. This 100% green coating is made in the USA and has been scientifically tested and proven in this field.

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