PVD Coating Services

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Patented CatArc® Coatings

VTI’s patented CatArc® vacuum coating process produces hard, wear-resistant coatings for a variety of applications such as medical, injection molding, and metal cutting/forming. CatArc® coatings can be applied at low temperatures, as low as 350° F, allowing temperature sensitive tool steels to be coated without concern for dimensional or hardness changes.

Available coatings include CatArc® TiN, CatArc® CrN, CatArc® ZrN, CatArc® TiCN and CatArc® Black Cat. Unlike uncoated tooling, these ceramic coatings dramatically extend tool life. Other benefits may include reduced friction (improved lubricity) and improved thermal isolation, which are especially important in injection molding applications.

In addition to the CatArc® process, we offer high-energy sputtered coatings. Sputtering is a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process applied at 800°F temperatures. These smooth and very hard coatings are primarily utilized in metal cutting tool applications. Drills, taps, hobs, end mills, etc. show greatly reduced wear and exhibit outstanding longevity. Coating compositions include Sputtered TiN, Sputtered TiALN, Sputtered TiCN, and Sputtered TiB2.

Please also visit the Applications for more information on these applications.

PVD Coating Applications

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