Vacuum Metalizing Services

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Rapid Cycle Metalizing

VTI vacuum metalizing services are based on our pioneering legacy of innovation in the field of rapid cycle metalizing systems. VTI invented the processes and equipment which are now the industry standard for products such as automotive lighting components. As a leader in vacuum metalizing technology, we apply multiple PVD coating techniques (sputtering, cathodic arc, and thermal evaporation) in order to provide coatings tailored to your specifications for thickness, complexity, and reflectivity.

Diverse Applications

Vacuum metalizing can be divided into three groups based on their functioning application:

  • Reflective coating for commercial, industrial, solar, and automotive lighting.
  • Decorative coating for displays, hardware, home appliances, automotive trim, and related applications.
  • Shielding coating for electronic isolation (EMI/RFI/ESD).
  • Highly reflective coating is typically produced by sputtering aluminum followed by a protective topcoat. Our decorative coating ranges from bright chrome to copper and brass. EMI/RFI shielding is accomplished by depositing a highly conductive metallic layer, such as aluminum or copper, to the component.

Vacuum Metalizing components

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