Upcoming Trade Shows

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Upcoming Trade Shows

VTI is pleased to keep you up to date with all of the latest information on the vacuum metalizing industry. We find it important to make note of future events, like trade shows and exhibitions.

As an industry leader in vacuum metal deposition and chrome replacement, VTI is always researching new ways to stay ahead of our competition. In this ever-evolving field, it is best to follow closely with new advancements in performance and technology. Don’t miss out on anything related to vacuum metallizing. Stay in the know with announcements from VTI about upcoming trade shows, conferences and more!

If you’ve been in the vacuum coating or chrome replacement industry for some time, chances are you understand the importance of networking at and gaining experience from exhibitions or trade shows in this field. For anyone just starting out in the world of vacuum metalizing, you can depend on VTI to post the latest news and information regarding future shows at which you can grow your business and knowledge! Check out what’s happening next.

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