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About us

For almost 30 years, Vergason Technology, Inc. has been an industry leader in vacuum coating. Along with our international partners, we have set the standard in PVD coatings and equipment.


Delivering Cutting Edge Technology

We know that metal coatings are a key element in quality assurance for large quota manufacturing. Metalizing is a process where a thin layer of metallic film is applied to a conductive surface. This process, known as PVD, or physical vapor deposition, can be applied to glass, plastic, and metal substrates.

PVD uses a vacuum metallization chamber to apply metal coatings and can be utilized for a number of manufacturing products, such as appliance components, vehicle lighting, glassware and mirrors, solar paneling, and much more.

EMI shielding is a metallizing solution for automotive and medical electronics, military hardware, avionic, and mobile devices. If you want a decorative finish without the harmful compounds, Superchrome ™ PVD Coating is one of the primary metal coatings for the appliance, automotive, and sanitary industries. It’s a durable coating that requires no clear protective top-coat, yet delivers a brilliant chrome finish. We also offer vacuum coating equipment to fit your unique needs.

At Vergason Technology, Inc., we uphold a high standard in our metalizing division. All orders received are carefully inspected, tested at random times during the coating process, and reviewed again prior to shipment to you. We want you to be 100 percent satisfied.

Headquartered in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, we have US sales offices in Michigan, Minnesota, Texas and international partners in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, China and India.

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