About Us

Vergason Technology, Inc. has been an industry leader in PVD technologies, services, and equipment since 1986. Founded by Gary Vergason, VTI initially focused on PVD hard coating services, then branched out into metalizing services and the design & manufacture of industrial quality PVD equipment. For over 33 years now, VTI has been recognized as a leader in PVD Applications expertise, and World-Class PVD equipment.

Delivering Innovative Technology

PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is a widely used technology to apply a thin film of metal or ceramic to a variety of substrate materials, including glass, plastic, ceramic, and metal substrates. The process is conducted under very high vacuum in a vacuum chamber, where the film materials are first vaporized and then condensed onto the substrate to be coated. The vacuum chamber provides an environment free from contaminating gasses or water vapor, which can ruin the film.

We are experts in developing PVD coating solutions for your parts. Our coating center operates several PVD chambers utilizing sputtering, thermal evaporation, and cathodic arc deposition technologies.

Our capabilities cover PVD CatArc® and sputtered hard coatings to increase wear resistance and lifespan of steel and carbide components such as cutting, drilling, and punching tools, knives, firearm components, and specialty coatings for medical devices.

In our vacuum metalizing business, we coat plastic components with reflective films for lighting, decorative coatings that mimic the look of chrome or stainless steel, and specialty coatings for the growing need for electronic devices requiring EMI shielding. The demands for PVD shielding include automotive and medical electronics, military hardware, avionics, mobile devices, and more. VTI has developed an entire line of exceptional shielding coatings designed for today’s demanding requirements.

VTI is a world leader in the design of high volume, batch PVD systems and innovative PVD technologies. We offer an entire line of standard PVD deposition equipment featuring sputtering, thermal evaporation, and cathodic arc technologies. Our equipment is installed around the world in many industrial applications, including many Tier-1 automotive lighting manufacturers. There is a good chance that the headlamps or tail-lamp assemblies on your vehicle were metalized on VTI equipment!

VTI’s patented  SuperChrome® PVD Coating is the world’s leading chrome plating alternatives for the appliance, automotive, and sanitary plumbing industries. SuperChrome provides all the beauty and durability of traditional chrome plating, without the harmful Cr+6 compounds present in galvanic chrome plating processes. That is good news for the environment, and the people working around the coating processes. SuperChrome is a highly durable coating that requires no clear protective topcoat and delivers a brilliant chrome finish.

Headquartered in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, we have US sales offices in Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas. International locations include Europe, Mexico, Brazil,  Taiwan, China and India.

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