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Vergason Technology, Inc. (VTI) is a world leader in the design and fabrication of high-quality vacuum metalizing systems. Our metalizing systems are installed globally wherever high volume, rapid-cycle applications are preferred. Our open architecture and well-thought-out design aspects are a key differentiator for Vergason Technology metalizing systems.

VTI  is not only a premier developer of vacuum metalization systems, but we also take an active role in supporting our equipment clients in the development and implementation of unique coating solutions. Vergason Technology metalizing systems are well-suited for coating applications including automotive, decorative, medical, white goods/appliances, sanitary, and EMI/RFI shielding.

The entire Vergason Technology team understand that customer support is absolutely critical to the industries we serve. Vergason experts seek to understand your specific requirements and ensure our system configuration and process development is optimized for the individual application. Our top-notch service engineers not only install the systems and ensure high-quality performance, but are also available for operator training, and remote or in-field emergency support when required.  Contact our experts today to discuss the perfect system for your needs.

SuperChrome® 660 PVD

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Press-Side® 4000 SL

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Press-Side 38

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Lean 710

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