Press-Side® 38 Rapid Cycle Metalizing

The benchmark for performance in sputtered PVD films
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Superior Engineering
When you purchase a Vergason Technology coating system you benefit from over twenty years of engineering refinement. Built into each system is the know-how that can only be achieved by designing, manufacturing, installing, and operating hundreds of vacuum coating systems across the globe.
Press Side 38

Product description

The Press-Side 38 is the largest version of our breakthrough Press-Side® Rapid Cycle Metalizing systems. VTI pioneered the concept of locating the small-batch, rapid-cycle sputtering system in synchronous flow with the injection press. This innovation reduces scrap from excessive parts handling and improves part quality due to the superior film characteristics of a magnetron sputtering system. Introduced in 2016, the Press-Side 38 was developed in response to the trend in automotive design for ever-increasing headlamp size. Lighting manufacturers could not physically fit some of the newest headlamp designs into the chamber. With the exception of the larger vacuum chamber, the Press-Side 38 shares all other components with our flagship PS4000SL, the best-selling system of its kind in the world. VTI engineered the Press-Side 38 to master the rigorous demands of continuous high-volume production. The two-door chamber configuration allows one door mounted part fixture to be loaded and unloaded outside the chamber, while the other door-mounted fixture is undergoing the metalization process. Major components are designed for easy access, simplifying routine preventative maintenance. Our modular design concept allows us to quickly modify the Press-Side 38 configuration to meet your specific requirements. Select manual or automated door operation, choose from different pump manufacturers, robotic interface configurations, and even select a preferred programmable logic control or industrial PC. Working one-on-one with each client, the VTI team custom engineers each system to your precise specifications.

Special Features

Rapid Cycling

Exceptionally fast processing cycles are achieved using the finest pumping components coupled with the unique
concept of power venting, which utilizes pressurized desiccant-dried air to vent the chamber. The optional environmentally controlled enclosure at the load/unload station will further improve throughput in humid conditions.

Multiple Processes

Each system offers the ability to sputter a variety of metals, while incorporating plasma etching and plasma polymerization of base and top coats. The user can select any sequence depending on the application.

Monoframe Design

Our modular monoframe design provides fast, efficient installation and integration into your existing and future factory floor layouts.

Open Architecture

Designed with operator and maintenance access in mind, the Press Side 38 allows quick and easy visual and mechanical access to all key system components. Elimination of unnecessary decorative panels creates an open route for maintenance and inspection activities.

Start-to-Finish Integration

Our technical support portfolio includes installation, operator training, process engineer training, Internet based service access, troubleshooting, and fast on-site assistance.


Capable of sputtering a wide range of base metals and alloys due to the superior film characteristics of magnetron sputtering systems.


Engineered Integrity
Your technicians, engineers and customers can depend on the Press Side 38 for many years of reliable service.
Minimized Down-Time
User-focused design provides easy access to all components, minimizing down time for routine maintenance.
Press Side 38

Capable of sputtering a wide range of base metals and alloys

Environmentally Friendly
PVD systems are the most “green” of the performance coating technologies. There are virtually no effluents or hazardous waste created.
Process Efficiency

Our breakthrough Press-Side® concept streamlines the production flow while reducing scrap rates by up to 10 times

Pressside 4000 dimensions

Technical Specification

  • Stainless steel chamber with liners
  • Chamber size: 1067mm diameter x 1575mm height (42” x 62”)
  • Coating zone: 965mm diameter x 1220mm height (38” x 48”)
  • Matched mechanical, Roots, and diffusion pumping packages
  • PLC controlled processing with industrial PC HMI option
  • Dual water vapor cryotraps
  • Redundant gauging with protected ports for accuracy
  • DC or AC power supply option
  • Remote communications link
  • Fixturing design support

Utility Requirements

400/480 VAC. 400 AMP, 3 Phase
Compressed Air:
6 Bar (87 PSI) minimum pressure
9.4 liters/sec (20 cfm) minimum flow
Cooling Water:
16 – 24°C (60 – 75°F)
2.75 Bar (40 PSI) maximum pressure
208 liters (55 gallons)/minute minimum flow

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