TEMS 1400H

The Benchmark for performance in Traditional Horizontal Thermal Evaporation Systems
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Superior Engineering
Large Batch, Fast Cycle, Evaporation Deposition System

Product Description

The VTI TEMS1400H boasts a modern PLC-based architecture that is easy to navigate. Changes are straightforward and accessible (password-protected)  to the authorized technicians.

Cycle times and part quality are exceptional compared to similar competitive models. VTI Engineering took many of the lessons learned developing our sophisticated sputtering equipment, and applied that knowledge to develop a very nicely-featured thermal evaporation workhorse.


Fully automated work cycles

Rapid cycles for high productivity
TEMS Series Benefits

Removable shielding for easy maintenance

Quick change fixturing

Network compatibility for online diagnostics or troubleshooting


Tooling Dimensions:
6 Planets
Diameter: 16.2 inches (410 mm)
Length: 65 inches (1650 mm)
System Dimensions:
Length: 124 inches (3.15 m)
Width: 169 inches (4.29 m)
Height: 91 inches (2.31 m)
Weight: 10,000 pounds (est.)
Pump Package:
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum SV630 Mechanical Pump
Oerlikon Leybold WH4400 Roots Blower
Agilent Technologies HS-20 Diffusion Pump with Thermocouple and Pump Cart
Substrate Types:
All vacuum stable plastics
Deposition Sources
Twenty (20) thermal evaporation filaments with 20kW total power
10kW 40kHz plasma power with two electrodes
Vacuum Chamber Dimensions:
Diameter: 60 inches (1525 mm)
Depth: 75 inches (1905 mm)
Deposition Material:
Aluminum (and other low melting point materials)
Siloxane polymers
System Control:
Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC
Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus 1500
VPN Remote Ethernet access
480 V three phase 50/60 Hz 200A 70kW
400 V three phase 50/60Hz 200A 70kW
380 V three phase 50/60Hz 200A 70kW
Compressed air operated valves, dry air vent optional. Chilled water required 15GPM.

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