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A brushed stainless steel finish is often the “finish of choice” selected by designers and consumers. Traditionally solid stainless components were used; however, these were found to be costly, difficult to clean and heavy in weight.

Today, the same look and feel can be achieved by applying a thin film layer of stainless steel PVD coating to textured plastic with a process known as physical vapor deposition or metalizing. The thin film layer of PVD coating stainless steel will emulate the texture of the substrate’s surface. Not only does our decorative coating look and feel like solid stainless, it is lighter in weight, has design flexibility, is easier to clean and is more economical.

The next time your design calls for brushed stainless steel finishes, consider VTI NexSteel™ decorative coating on plastic.

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Applications of NexSteel™

Automotive interior trim
Appliance components
Decorative trim
Plumbing fixtures and trim
Dispensers and containers
Why Choose NexSteel™?
If you are looking for a brushed stainless steel finish, that is lighter in weight, easier to clean, offers design flexibility, and is economical, this decorative coating may be the solution.

Features & Benefits

Looks and feels like solid stainless steel
Design flexibility
Easier to clean than stainless steel
Cost savings over stainless steel
Lighter in weight than stainless steel
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