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Leading vacuum metalizing company delivering innovative PVD coating technology.

Wear Resistant PVD Coatings

VTI is a Leading PVD Coating Company using world-class PVD equipment.
REQUEST A QUOTE LEARN MORE vacuum Coating Technology & Equipment Vergason has designed, built, and installed over 200 systems worldwide for a variety of industries. REQUEST A QUOTE LEARN MORE SuperChrome® SuperChrome PVD coating technology is an environmently safe PVD alternative and puts you ahead of looming industry regulations.

Vacuum Metalizing

Vergason is a vacuum metalizing company with a wide variety of techniques and options available for your application- decorative, reflective, shielding, and offer metalizing equipment for sale.
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Wear Resistant Coating

Wear Resistant PVD Coatings

We are a PVD coating company offering multiple options designed for your challenging applications for medical, industrial, sporting goods and specialty metals coating.
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The leading PVD alternative to traditional galvanic chrome plating on plastic components.
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PVD Machines

VTI is a premiere PVD coating equipment manufacturer who has designed, built and installed over 200 systems worldwide, encompassing a variety of applications and industries. A leader in high performance PVD thin film metalizing and functional physical vapor deposition.
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A complete list of brochures detailing our offering of coating services, vacuum coating technology, and metalizing equipment for sale are available for download below.

Recent events and News

Helios Announces Advancements in OEM and Aftermarket Wheel Coatings

Helios Coatings Inc. (Helios), a specialty coatings firm located in Canton Ohio is proud to announce a joint venture with Vergason Technology, Inc. (VTI) of Van Etten New York. Vergason Technology is a manufacturer of precision, high throughput vacuum coating systems used in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to medical and defense, providing functional […]

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SVC TechCon 2021 Webinar 2.0

The Society of Vacuum Cleaners (SVC) is pleased to announce the inaugural series of Webinar 2.0. This is a series of webinars led by SVC's global team of instructors. Vergason Technology is a proud member and supporter of the Society of Vacuum Coaters.  Although the annual SVC Technical Conference (TechCon) could not be held this […]

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Vergason Remains Open to Serve Critical Business Segments

Vergason Technology is a key supplier to the Medical, Defense/Aerospace, Infrastructure, and Packaging industries. As such, we continue to operate under the New York State “essential business” exemption to serve our critical customer base during the Covid-19 emergency. We are functioning on all three shifts and can respond very quickly to your needs. Please contact […]

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Why Choose Vergason Technology

VTI designs, builds, sells, and services vacuum coating machines, technology, and equipment for multiple industrial applications. We offer PVD systems based on magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation, and cathodic arc deposition. We also offer coating services for those companies who prefer to outsource their coating needs. Our coating services are primarily used for LED reflectors, EMI-blocking PCB enclosures, cutting & forming tools for machine shops, and FDA-approved coatings for medical instruments. 

VTI continues after 30+ years to be the reliability and value leader for PVD equipment & services because we are different than other suppliers:

  • We are the only vacuum metalizing company that builds equipment that also operates a 3-shift coating service facility with that very same equipment. This allows us to know exactly what works and what doesn’t…and to build the most robust systems in the world.
  • We are process agnostic. We use whichever deposition process is best for a given application…sputtering, thermal evaporation, PECVD, cathodic arc, or automated robotic spray painting.
  • We have strong process engineering and R&D teams behind the scene. Unlike others who simply offer you an empty vacuum “can”, VTI will deliver a turn-key coating system complete with process recipes already programmed into the PLC.
  • We act as an extension of your own engineering team, but with specific technical depth in coatings. We offer sampling and process development, saving countless weeks of development on your part.
  • That same process know-how is available to our coating service customers as we optimize coatings for their specific needs, such as radar transparency, EMI rejection, and many others.


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