BlackCat® Aluminum Titanium Chromium Carbonitride Coating

Elevate your expectations with our signature coating – BlackCat, also known as Aluminum Titanium Chromium Carbonitride (AlTiCrN). This pinnacle of PVD technology is meticulously crafted to excel in today's high-velocity projectile delivery systems, setting new standards in performance.

BlackCat doesn't just provide defense against corrosion; it showcases exceptional thermal stability, offering critical protection for high-precision, specialized weapons, and accessories. With an impressive temperature stability of 926°C (1700°F), this coating is engineered to thrive even in the most extreme conditions.

Our unique recipe for BlackCat delivers protection and unmatched strength making your metals impervious to the harshest environments. Whether you aim to enhance wear resistance or reduce friction, Vergason's BlackCat coating is the ultimate solution, offering optimal wear resistance and standard thickness options ranging from 2.0 to 5.0 microns. BlackCat exemplifies excellence in coatings technology.


Coating Selection

Coating Specifications

Critical Protection of High Precision Specialty Weapons and Accessories. Non-Reflective, Corrosion Shield, Thermal Stability. CatArc: AlTiCrN Aluminum Titanium Chromium Carbonitride Standard Thickness: 2.0-4.0
Application Range: 2.0-4.0 Microns
Micro- Hardness: 3400 Vickers
Coefficient of Friction: .40
Temperature Stability: 900 °C
Color: Gray-Black

CatArc® TiN

Coating Material Titanium Nitride
Micro Hardness (Vickers) 2800
Coefficient of Friction .4-.5
Temperature Stability 926 °C(1700 °F)
Standard Thickness in Microns 1.0-2.0
Application Range in Microns 1.0-5.0
Color Gold

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