CatArc® 3036

Experience the latest switched arc performance for PVD Tribological Coatings, from the inventors of this innovative deposition technology...
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Fast, consistent cycles and premium coating film quality are trademarks of VTI PVD equipment.

CatArc® 3036

Product Description

The latest innovative equipment design from VTI. The CatArc 3036 is a small footprint, high throughput design featuring our patented switched-arc deposition technology. Designed for industry, this platform will provide steady, repeatable processes for the demanding user.  Ease-of maintenance is a designed-in consideration, with key components easily accessible. A robust Arc-Enhanced Glow Discharge device ensures adequate parts etch prior to deposition. The on-board Industrial PC/user interface allows for in-depth process diagnostics, system status, data acquisition, and process recipe development/modifications.

A state-of-the-art PVD coating system for industry:

  • Affordable & Reliable
  • Large Throughput
  • Small Footprint
  • Ergonomic Design


Affordable & Reliable
Large Throughput
CatArc 3036 Top View
Small Footprint

Ergonomic Design


Stainless Steel Chamber with fast-change removable liners
Approximate Chamber Dimensions: 30” (762mm) W x 36” (914mm) H x 25” (635mm) D
Coating Zone: 20” (508mm) diameter table x 25” (635mm) Height
Dry Rotary Screw Roughing Pump, 65cfm (1.84 m3/min)
320mm Turbomolecular Pump
3kW-18kW substrate heating options with thermocouple control
VAT Vacuum Valves
MKS Mass Flow Controllers
Inficon Gauges
10kW-30kW substrate bias power supply options
IGBT-switched CatArc® 2” x 10” (50mm x 254mm) sources
Arc-Enhanced Glow Discharge (AEGD) source for plasma cleaning/etching
Ferrofluidic rotary substrate rotation and viewport shutters
Thermocouple and infrared temperature control options
Touchscreen operator interface with PLC-controlled process, Industrial PC onboard
Ethernet port for remote diagnostics and support
Utility Requirements:
480VAC, 150 Amp, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 400V options available
Compressed Air:
87 psi (6 bar) 5 cfm (0.14 m3/min)
Cooling Water:
60-70 F (15-21C) non-condensing
25 gpm (95L/min)
45 psi (3.1 bar) inlet, maximum
Minimum pressure differential inlet-outlet of 20 psi (1.38 bar)
Chamber Internals Front View

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