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Why SuperChrome?

SuperChrome PVD Coating is ahead of looming industry regulatory actions that will drive towards the removal of hazardous hexavalent chromium (Cr +6) compounds.

SuperChrome is an environmentally safe chrome-like PVD coating alternative (traditional and PVD black chrome) to traditional chrome plating on plastic parts.

Unlike conventional Chrome PVD powder coatings, SuperChrome does not require a clear protective paint topcoat, which can interfere with the chrome appearance and feel. SuperChrome has met and exceeded OEM test criterion for traditional chrome-plated plastic components, with plastic chrome plating proving to be viable, cost advantageous alternative to traditional galvanic chrome plastic plating through plasma polymerization.

Super Chrome is currently available from VTI only as an SC660 PVD system purchase, which carries a single-system end-user technology license. The license includes access to technical updates and application support. The end customer will also need a high-quality UV cure paint line, capable of producing a “Class A” automotive basecoat, prior to the PVD process. If the user does not already have this equipment available, VTI can assist with recommended providers.  The Super Chrome SC660 Coating System features multiple processes, including plasma etching, plasma polymerization, and sputtering, convertible planetary drive, open architecture, and more.

To maximize the investment value in a VTI SuperChrome system, the SC660 is also fully capable of traditional PVD metalizing. When used for traditional PVD metalizing, the coating zone diameter expands from 660mm to 965mm.

SuperChrome Benefits

Looks and feels like chrome plating
Excellent adhesion on plastics
Performs like chrome plating
Chromium based coating
No top coat required
REACH compliant
No harmful hexavalent chromium (Cr +6) compounds
Traditional Chrome and Black Chrome options

SC660 Coating System Features

Convertible planetary drive
Rapid cycling
Open architecture
Start-to-finish integration
Multiple Processes
Monoframe design
Plasma Etching
Plasma Polymerization
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