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Wear Coating Services: PVD Coatings

Your products carry your reputation, which is why quality is a must during the manufacturing process. The best and most environmentally friendly method of coating is known as PVD or physical vapor deposition. The PVD coating process produces durable coating finishes that can be applied to a number of substrates, such as glass, metal, or plastic. Brochure  > >

The Advantages of PVD Wear Coatings

  • Dramatic Improvement in Tool Life
  • Minimal Dimensional Changes
  • Low Maintenance
  • Higher Speeds & Feeds
  • Protects Against Corrosion
  • Strip & Recoat Multiple Times
  • Resistant to Chemicals
  • Environmentally Safe
  • High Heat Resistance
  • Reduced Friction
  • Uniform Coating
  • Decorative Colors
  • Low Coating Temperature for Sensitive Parts
  • Excellent Adhesion

Why Choose PVD Coatings?

There are several processes for coatings on the market, but most are incomparable to the benefits of PVD coatings. PVD uses cathodic arc deposition and a sputtering process to produce a high-grade PVD finish. The results are finishes that are resistant to chemicals, are easy to maintain, can protect against corrosion, and dramatically increase tool life.

This process is also the chosen method for a tactical PVD gun finish, because of improved protection by sealing out corrosion on your weapon.

The PVD wear coatings at Vergason Technology, Inc. are suitable for tools, dies. and molds, or any substrate that requires optimal protection.

Our mission is to provide our customers with unparalleled service and the latest advances in coating technology. With an international presence, it’s easy to find a branch nearest you to obtain a quote.

Where Quality Matters Most

The quality of the services and products we provide at our company is always of the utmost importance to our staff. That is why we inspect all orders upon their receipt, test them multiple times throughout the coating process, and inspect them again before shipping them back out to you. Some of the most common tests we perform include adhesion and coating thickness inspections.

BlackCat™ Tactical Coating

Protect your weapon from corrosion while giving it a pleasing appearance that is ready to stand up to the rigors of daily use by utilizing our BlackCat™ tactical coating. BlackCat provides your weapon with a thin film coating that does not interfere with its ability to perform.

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