AIX US a Success

November 16, 2017
Author: Vergason Technology

VTI is just back from exhibiting at the Automotive Interiors Expo 2017 held in Novi, MI.   The expo was held in conjunction with Automotive Testing Expo 2017 & Engine Expo 2017. It was a must-attend technical show for many Detroit-Based OEM representatives, Tier 1 /Tier 2 suppliers, and the downstream supplier community.

A notable array of state of the art technology covering a very wide spectrum of automotive component and system evaluation technology was on display, as well as a healthy number of exhibitors (including VTI) supporting the 1st iteration in the USA of the very successful Automotive Interiors Expo held every year in Stuttgart, Germany.  (see VTI at the 2018 Stuttgart Expo June 5-7, 2018

There was an amazing parade of high quality contacts expressing interest in VTI SuperChrome™, for interior and exterior trim and other decorative/functional components. SuperChrome™ and our more traditional PVD solutions were on display, to address the ever-changing design interests of OEMS and the greater supply chain.

I would like to give a major shout-out to not only the Show organizers, but all the workers, attendees and exhibitors who braved a water main break during the entire show, rendering restrooms and running water unavailable to not only the venue, but to a large portion of the regional community. We stoically endured porta johns and hand sanitizer overload, and it did not appear to dampen the spirits of any that were in attendance.  It’s highly encouraging to see a generally pampered and privileged business community realize that we can survive and thrive under less than ideal conditions. The open bar on the show floor on Wednesday night did not hurt either…..