BlackCat™ Tactical Coating Passes Abrasion Testing Hands Down

September 1, 2017
Author: Vergason Technology

Did you ever wonder how durable VTI’s BlackCat™ Tactical Coating is?  To answer this question, we conducted a series of abrasion tests and wanted to share the results.

Using a Model 670 HD Crockmaster, the tests were conducted with lateral abrading 100mm repetitive dual action, equivalent to “one stroke”.  One pound (454 grams) was distributed to a 10 mm stylus.  The test samples included the following three materials:  Genuine Leather and Cordura, both common materials used for holsters, and 7448 3M Scotch-Brite pads, a strong abrasive material.

When testing Genuine Leather, after 35,000 strokes the leather used in the experiment was destroyed, yet the BlackCat™ coating was not worn.

Cordura was tested next with 10,000 strokes.  The repetition tended to polish the coating leaving a polish mark, but did not break through BlackCat™ Tactical Coating.

Finally, a strong abrasive test was conducted utilizing a Scotch-Brite pad.  The test consisted of 5,000 strokes.  Like Cordura, the test sample displayed a polished mark, but the coating was unharmed.

BlackCat™ Tactical Coating is ideal for applications including firearms, scopes and optics, knives and cutting tools, archery equipment, and tactical lights.

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