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Metallizing and PVD Coating Equipment

VTI has designed, built and installed over 200 systems worldwide, encompassing a variety of applications and industries, including:

  • Vehicle Lighting and Components
  • Appliance Components
  • Commercial, Industrial, & Residential Lighting
  • Display Items, Cosmetic, & Product Packaging
  • EMI/RFI/ESD Shielding
  • Glassware & Mirrors
  • Consumer Products
  • Vapor Barrier Protection
  • Solar/Photovoltaics
  • Chrome Plating Replacement

Support Service Philosophy

Our dedicated service team is available 24/7 to provide superior service and to meet the needs of our customers.  From the initial installation and training to providing maintenance on existing equipment, we are here for you.

Press-Side Rapid Cycle Systems

VTI’s Press-Side®Rapid Cycle systems are designed to achieve exceptionally fast processing cycles, ensuring high volume throughput in a synchronous manufacturing flow with injection molding. Each system is designed to coat with a variety of metals, in conjunction with plasma etching and plasma polymerization of base and top coats.


Press-Side 4000 SL

The PS4000SL is the global performance leader in Press-Side Rapid Cycle Metalizing. Features include rapid cycling, multiple processes, mono-frame design.


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Press-Side 38 Large Chamber Rapid Cycle Metalizer

VTI Press Side® 38 rapid cycle metalizer is configured for sputtering and capable of coating substrates with metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steels, chromium, nickel-chrome alloys, titanium, etc. The Press Side® 38 also includes plasma etching and plasma polymerization capabilities.

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TEMS 1400H Thermal Evaporation Metalizing System

The Thermal Evaporation Metalizing System offers a less costly option for the application of thin metal coatings for reflectivity and decoration.

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SuperChrome™ 660

The SuperChrome™ 660 PVD system is optimized for reactive sputtering of VTI’s proprietary SuperChrome™ PVD coating. It is also capable of sputter coating substrates with metals such as chromium, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, nickel-chrome alloys, etc.

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Press-Side 3000

VTI’s PS 3000 offers users a fully-featured, mid-size system well suited for medium to high volume production requirements.

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CATARC® 2500 PVD System

The newly redesigned CATARC® 2500 PVD System, from Vergason Technology, Inc., offers flexibility and rapid cycle time for small batch processing.

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Pre-Owned Systems

On occasion, VTI is able to offer an exceptional purchase price on pre-owned vacuum metallizing equipment that is fully refurbished, tested, and certified.  These nearly new systems are guaranteed to meet our strict original factory specifications and run at peak performance.  Please check periodically as inventory changes frequently.

Parts & Service

At VTI, we stand behind our systems with a dedicated service team who can diagnose and provide support when required, allowing you to maximize the return on your investment.  Some of the parts and services that we offer include:

  • Replacement Parts and Subsystems
  • Consumable Items
  • Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Technical Assistance and Consulting
  • Spare Parts Packages

Network Support

Through dedicated VPN or analog telephone connections, all of our vacuum coating systems are equipped with a remote access interface. VTI is able to remotely monitor and support local service and our support teams to diagnose and resolve issues globally.

Contact us for more information on coating services and equipment.