As an industry leader providing physical vapor deposition coating services and systems for automotive, LED lighting, and appliance manufacturing, it’s important that the team at Vergason Technology, Inc., participate and exhibit in industry conferences. Our business will be exhibiting at the International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films, also known as the ICMCTF Conference, being held at the Town & Country Convention Center in San Diego, California, from April 25th to 29th.

This conference features scientist, engineers, and technologists who work in a variety of capacities, coming together to share their research and information about how their findings work within the real world. During the conference there will be a variety of talks covering the experimental, theoretical, and manufacturing issues related to new coating materials and processes, as well as additional info to let you know what is happening in the future. Furthermore, the public will be invited on April 26th and 27th, providing an opportunity to see showcases of the latest equipment, materials, and services related to coatings and thin films.

Whether you have questions about our participation in this conference or would like to learn more about our vacuum metalizing services, the team at Vergason Technology is ready to answer your questions. You can call us at (607) 589-4429 for more information about our business!

Finding alternatives to brushed stainless steel is hard, but the team at Vergason Technology, Inc., has come up with an amazing alternative. Typical stainless steel components are expensive, hard to clean, and way too heavy. Our NexSteel™ coating is the newest option for people seeking decorative coating for plumbing fixtures, appliance components, automotive interior trim, and dispensers.

When you use our NexSteel™ stainless decorative coating, you can achieve the same look and feel of brushed stainless steel by applying it in a thin layer to texturized plastic. This method is known as vacuum metalizing. This thin layer will emulate the texture of the substrate’s surface. Benefits of our NexSteel™ coating is that it is lightweight, is easy to clean, has design flexibility, and is certainly far less expensive than standard brushed stainless steel. This will give you an opportunity to save a lot of money and either invest it in other projects or pass the savings on to the consumers.

Whether you are interested in this high-end product or any of our vacuum metalizing services, the team at VTI is ready to speak to you. You can contact us today for a quote by calling (607) 589-4429 or sending an email to to request a quote.

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