The Right Metal Coating Equipment for Your Needs

April 1, 2016
Author: Vergason Technology

When you are in need of highly efficient metal coating equipment, you can count on Vergason Technology, Inc., to provide you with amazing options you won’t find anywhere else. Our line of Press-Side® Rapid Cycle systems have been created to help you achieve extremely fast processing cycles, making sure that your volume is high via a synchronous manufacturing flow with injection molding.

Each of the systems we offer is designed to coat with a variety of metals, working with plasma etching and plasma polymerization of base and top coats. The team at VTI has created and installed more than 200 systems all over the world. Our machinery is being used to apply coating to vehicle lighting, appliance components, display items, glassware, and mirrors. Options include our Large Chamber Rapid Cycle Metalizer, Thermal Evaporation System, and our SuperChrome™ 660 PVD system.

When you are ready to invest in our metal coating equipment, you can review our brochures and contact us at (607) 589-4429 or just fill out our quote request form for more information. In addition to new equipment, our business also provides replacement parts, spare part packages, maintenance services, and 24/7 support services to make sure your system is in proper working order.